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What WebStorm Clients Have To Say!

"Congratulations! We did it! Just letting you know that Anthony was at the Western Canada Remax Conference this past weekend and our website was picked as the “Best Website”.  It is a Recognition Award and ribbon.  There were about 12 other website entries with some elaborate posterboard displays.  I knew our website was pretty fantastic!  Apparently they will display all the advertising winners at other events ie:  new realtor conference, etc. This might produce some new business for you from any new realtor wanting to start a website or some realtors who might want to redo their website.    We will be sure to pass your name along if we are asked."
-Anthony and Debbie Bastiaanssen, RE/MAX

"I am extremely happy with how it turned out, you captured my vision, your work is quality and prompt, not to mention, when quizzed, you had good advice. You will be highly recommended. (better get a pill for that fat head now, lol). I will get a cheque off asap."
-Darlene Lacey, Owner, Kootenay By Owner Sale Services

"Many thanks Ron for a job well done! I' m looking forward to site number 2!!"
- Carolyn Dyment, Oceanside Team, Sutton Realty

"Now that's service! thanks"
- Allyson Woodrooffe, Sutton Group

"Hi Ron;
It's easy to refer good work, so far we are very happy with your work! Here's to a good summer!"
- Harold Warkentin, Broker of Record, Cabin Country Realty Ltd.

"...the design proof looks great, thank you so much your professionalism and promptness is greatly appreciated.  I certainly will not hesitate to recommend you should anyone ask who did our site.   Thank you again."
-Valerie Chabot, Royal LePage

I just had a call from a guy from I think.....Edmonton.  He wanted to inquire about what I thought of you.  Well...........................you know what I think.....I said you were an ACE and that I couldn't say enough good things about how professional you are and your prompt service.
I know you will get the job!"
-Ange Thicke, Century 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.

"Glad you like it. I used a guy in Kelowna to create my website. I found him on line, told him exactly what I wanted and then he built my site and I am really happy with it. I add the listings myself and that part of the system is VERY EASY! Any other pages that need changing or updating, I have to get either my web guy or someone who knows how to get in the back end of the system to do. My web designer's name is Ron Beecroft and he is excellent. I have never met him, as he lives outwest, but we did everything via email and a couple of phone calls. His email address is ron@webstorm.ca and I am copying him on this email so that he will know I am recommending him to you, just in case. Thanks and good luck. Sherry"
-Sherry Rioux, Clairwood Real Estate Corporation Brokerage

"I would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making a fine professional website"
- Herb Levitt - Top 1% Realtor, Coldwell Banker
"Thanks very much for all your work, you have done a great job for us and the web site looks great!"
- Inga Bourke - Owner, Kelowna Home Staging
"Awesome Ron! You don't mess around. Looks great!!!! I don't understand it. We have been trying to get this done since the end of December and you are able to put something together in a day. You are amazing!"
- Joanne Willmott-Imthorn - Royal LePage (www.willmottmiller.com)
"I've been looking to WebStorm for programming and development support for several years now. I have found Ron to be an invaluable resource and a pleasure to work with. His technical abilities are superb and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest and talented developer."
- Don Rae - Owner, Alien Real Estate Software

"ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU ROCK LATELY??? :) have a great day!"
- Suzie Doratti, MacDonald Realty

We also build custom websites for other business types. Here are just some non real estate related Testimonials
(Oh, and here is our other side of the business: webstorm.ca)

"Thank you for all your work and patience with the many changes we had.
The Code Committee had its face-to-face meeting today and all were complimentary of the new sites.  I was especially pleased with the positive feedback from our consumer rep who has a keen eye and a good sense of what consumers like to see.
The idea to keep the old site available is great.  We may want to go back from time to time to do comparative work.
-Pierre Leblanc, Canadian Diamond Consultants Inc.
(www.canadiandiamondcodeofconduct.ca) and (www.canadiandiamondconsultants.ca)

"I can say this under oath that you’re masterful at your craft and thank you for a job well done. With our new and spiffy site, we can start exploiting marketing opportunities on the net for Smile Africa."
-Chris Ellom, President, Smile Africa

I cannot thank you enough for doing such a great job on the website – we all really like it."
- Lee Strauch, Tow and Stow Dry Marina / Trilion Developments

"I have received some very nice feedback about the appearance of our site. You've done a wonderful job making it easy, simple and attractive.
It is rather concise and uncluttered compared to competitors I've seen."
- Jim Denton, Forsons Adjusting Services

"Thanks, Ron. As usual, the BEST service. Anytime you need a testimonial, let me know."
- Jerry Scott, Jais Aben Resort

"Thank you again for the amazing job you did completing my web design! I absolutely love it! "
- Theresa Greenwood, Arful Communication

"I am not aware of just who may have built this site but they should hold their head high and be extremely proud of what has been done.
One of the greatest sites I have seen and so easy to use.
Color scheme, layout, clarity, and everything about the site is SUPERB!
As I contact friends and others, I will certainly tell them about the site.
- Mark Chilton, Owner of House of Hot Rods

"Looks great! We are so happy!"
- Jill Hamagami, Mo Dot Fitness Wear

"I got an email from a advertising agency and they sent this comment along about the web site. Thought you may appreciate the comment.
PS - I love your website design! The layout and functionality are superb!"
- Keven, Owner Canadian Wilderness Quad Tours Inc

"That is absolutely perfect! All i need now is the invoice.I wish I had more websites to build, you guys do a really good job."
- Dennis Huntley, Huntley Ventures Inc

"Hi Ron;
Right now I plan to be with you all the way. We have been very pleased with your willingness and efforts to make this project our project.
- Rod Siegle, Photographics by Rod

(Regarding Hosting Support)
"Hi Ron,
Whatever you did, it worked lol...I just uploaded successfully the new design, Thank you very much, you give us a great service, we are very satisfied with it.
Thanks again"
- Julie

(In reference to Maintenance and Support)
"As Always You are Amazing!"
- Richard

"Ron you rock!!! Looks awesome. Thanks for the quick turnaround and awesome work."
- Chris Powell, Catalyst Marketing
"I think it looks fabulous! The whole website looks amazing – thank you for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated. We definitely look forward to working with you in the future and see our site evolve. Thanks again!"
- Lisa Schroeder, Catalyst Marketing

"Ron was asking if the website optimization was done.
It was awesome and very easy to work with you and can see why you are so busy. Another website that will attract lots of new clients for you."

-Ron Marks and Shelley Matheson, Willows Campground

"Faster than a speeding bullet... able to leap thru PayPal hoops in a single bound! Thanks for getting on that right away, Ron!"
-Arlena de Bruin, Red Wagon Writing and Publishing Services

" Ron and Webstorm Team,
Thanks for your professionalism and patience throughout the design process. I am very happy with the website, and will not hesitate to refer you to others."
- Russell Hinter, Plants For Life

"Ron, thank you very much for your impressive work on creating the new website for Building Better Boards.  Your creative talents are matched only by your patience and perseverance in seeing it through to completion.  I've already had rave reviews about the site and will recommend your services to other without qualificiation.  Thanks again"
-Michael Loewen, MSW, Building Better Boards

"You are amazing - and that is no lie - thank you!"
-Rod Attwell, Funeral Director, Connelly McKinley Ltd. Funeral Homes, Edmonton AB
"YOU TRULY ARE THE BEST - THANK YOU. (Nothing happens that quickly.)"
-Debbie, Connelly McKinley Ltd.  Funeral Homes, Edmonton AB

"We are all set up now and I even got the email working!!!
The site is really beautiful.  Thank you so much for your creativity and excellent service.
I am pleased to recommend you to others and if you ever need a reference, please let me know."

-Bob and Andrea Switzer, Upper Mission Spa

"Ron I reviewed the finale page over and over. My comment: you’re a brilliant genius. I broke down and cried like a baby. You didn’t shock me, you killed me! I had a mini stroke. What an ending! Even mission impossible series on TV wasn’t as good! You did better then James bond! Ron you rule! Ron you are supreme! Ron you are the best in the world! Ron congratulations to you and your staff, a marvelous job done by a true professional. Ron you can use this as a reference word for word.
PS: Unbelievable, unbelievable!"
-Benny Wolfe
Director, Okanagan Valley Mustang Convertible Companion Vacation Touring And Accommodation Services


" You're not only a genius, but you're a most helpful genius! Thanks again Ron for your ongoing support with us. All the best, Jeremy"
- Jeremy Pierpont, The MacKenzie Inn, Kirkfield, Ontario

"I followed your clear and concise instructions, and low and behold, it WORKED !! I was able to put the e-book on your server, and subsequently download it seamlessly from a link on my site!Thanks very much indeed, great service at a reasonable price! Please feel free to use this as an unsolicited testimonial if you like :)"
-Ross McTeer, Burning Tree Art

"Very,Very quick and professional, I am going to promote you to people I know.
I have never had an experience with IT Professionalism such as this and I work in the industry."

-Chris Bergenhenengouwen

"Thanks again Ron for all of your extra efforts this past year...your great attitude and manner and of course your amazing professional work are together greatly appreciated."
-Patty Randall, National speaker and Author, President of LTC Long-Term Care Planning Canada Inc.

"Ron , This is a class act!! Mike has already been using the site  while talking to prospective clients and the word is that this a "fantastic site". Hopefully we can make this whole venture pay off, and we will get more pages added in due time"
-Darian Swartz, President, Opus Innovations Ltd.

"Ron..your invoice is just fine!! More than fair actually!...you have done an
excellent job, and as well, have had tons of patience with edit processes etc..."
- Patty Randall - Author, Speaker, Trainor, Advocate, Media Commentator, and founder of LTC Long Term Care Planning Canada Ltd.
"Webstorm created our Internet presence in a way that articulates our value proposition. This has resulted in a greater awareness for our company, GRANDCARE."
- Amy Goldberg- Founder/CEO, Grandcare and Pushback Productions (www.pushbackproductions.com)
"Thanks so much for your "excellent" work. I will continue to promote your business because you do a great job. Thanks for being so quick!"
- Susan Nablo - Owner, Kelowna Laser Vision
"Exactly what we were looking for!"
- Bob Logan - Owner, Logan Maintenance and Construction

"Thanks again Ron, that was easy and I'm really impressed with your work. Anytime you need a reference..."
- M.G. Currie - Owner, M.G. Currie and Company

please talk to Ron. He has been ,by far, the best internet person that we have ever used."
Mark Hitchon - ReBAR Health Products

"Now I know why I chose you Ron - you rock! You did an awesome job, and I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks. My Sister just bought a business in Penticton, so I'm sure they'll be your next client once she sees my website."
- Ben Willis - Owner, Outdoor Living Rooms
"Thanks Ron! Your service is outstanding!! Your the type of company I love to refer to others..."
- Glen Kraun - Owner, Kraun Development Corporation
"Unsolicited I will say this; yours is the concern that guided all of GAca to a successful website conclusion. Our international unit told Canada corporate officers that our site is “beautiful and clearly worded”. (You may quote) reference Webstorm production of www.greenlab.ca
Sincerely Ron, you personally really are very competent, dedicated and timely under duress. You do provide genuine value to corporate technologically challenged units working within severe time constraints of international language & commerce. This is important to convey to you. Webstorm service is an intrinsic customer value proposition. Simply that.
You, yourself Ron, individually, provide value for dollars invested, as opposed to corporately expended. Creating an asset. This is an inestimable accruing corporate value over time which many (not Gaca - GAua) may tend to overlook and we must consider ourselves are fortunate to benefit from your understanding of business as to that importance in a mutual exchange of a valued commercial relationship.
Thank you Ron. Please count on our business concurrent to our success. We corporately recommend Webstorm in any event to any and all enterprise."
- Robert Morrison - Managing Director, GREENLAB Agronomics Inc.
"Thanks for taking care of our development so quickly. We're very happy with the way the site has turned out!"
- Alena Troymont - Owner, Harmony Point
"Wow Ron, the site looks awesome. I love the colors and layout!"
- Mark Rosal - Manufacturer, Ear Gear
"Great site Ron, you reproduced our brochure just as I had wanted it."
- Michael Epp - Owner, PDI Preferred Doors Inc.

"Thanks for the good service Ron...I passed on your name to a local photographer that wants a web site built. He'll be contacting you probably this week"
- Jim Tompkins - President, Kelowna Pool & Spa Services Ltd.
"I really can't believe how easy this has been considering we had with 2 other times we tried to have the site redone. You are awesome! You were great to work with and understood exactly what we wanted. I will recommend your services to everyone I know.""
Lucia Martin - Owner, On The Air DJ Music Services
"...PS: give me address to send the cheque for phenomenal services rendered...."
Michael Caldwell - Author, Gold Rush

"You're doing a great job Ron; exactly what I want! you have taken the project over! I would like to sit with you and do some fine tuning soon. I am having photos taken tomorrow at 11:00 - Pope's photography is going to do a few shots. I will be in touch, have I mentioned you are doing a great job!"
- Dan Turner - Mortgage Specialist, Bank of Montreal
"Every client (or non client) that asks me about hosting I will send your way. You do a great job and your service and prices are top. I am very glad I found you and I am sure Tom will think the same."
- Carla Reis - Owner, Quest Quality Solutions, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
"Ron you sure are good at what you do. I'm so pleased with our web page, very pleased that its up and running. if you ever need anything from japan just let me know, ill be your hook up here!"
- Dennis Kay - Songwriter, Musician
"I just looked at the web design work you are doing for the happy shacks (site), and I wanted to say what a pleasure it is to see professional work. The pages are clear and crisp, a real treat for the eyes. The color green is perfect, it reflects recycling and looks professional. All the pages show cleanly. Keep up the good work."
- Happy Hairy - Owner, Happy Harry's
"Brenda and I would just like to thank you for the service you have provided and the smoothness in which our website was put into place. The comments we receive and information requested about our conservational education program has been very
refreshing and to be honest, great for our business and the programs we are providing and developing."
- Doug Illman & Brenda Bruce Owners/Educators "Croc-Talk"
"I'd like to send you a note of thanks for the web page that you designed for us! The way you set up the information and the pictures shows nicely what we are all about. We have received many compliments as well as many more contacts than our older, simpler web page was generating. You have been most helpful and it's nice to know that we can call you if we need you for any changes -- thanks very much!."
- Doreen A.Reed - Owner, Chute Lake Resort
"Thanks for this. It looks great. I really am very pleased with the look and layout of these websites - exactly what I had in mind, only better."
- Rod Shuttlesworth - Manager, Dilworth Inn and Recreation Inn
(www.dilworthinn.com and www.recreationinn.com)
"Thanks for the great work Ron....my website has received a lot of traffic, and has actually gained a number 1 and 2 ranking on Google in the "fly fishing" category for the Okanagan. The logo you designed is terrific, and I have been able to transfer it onto my business cards and vehicle to make it look very professional, and the colours work great with my Jeep . I've received a lot of compliments on the site and logo design, and am thinking of putting the logo on t-shirts.(I'll have to give you one).
I hope to sit down with you to expand some areas and have you insert some new pictures....some decent fishing pictures I've taken recently..."the big one that didn't get away."
- George Nawrot - Owner, Mayfly Fishing Adventures

"Wow, you did a great job reproducing and cleaning up my very poorly layed out and designed web site!"
- Barry Sherman - Owner, Okanagan Filter Company

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