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Can I manage the content?

The short answer is yes.... but.....

The WebStorm Agent Property Listing System itself is all self managed, or in the case of a For Sale By Owner system, managed by the clients. The content of the website itself can be setup to be database driven, and easilty managed through your administrative console. Pages that have information that change frequently are great candidates for dynamic content. For example, a "What's New" page is a good candidate. That way you can keep your website "fresh" with new content regularly. There are however situations where this might not be desireable. One reason may be when we get into the subject of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google like good old standard html, and information "hiding" in a database may be ignored not ranked, which would not help with your search engine ranking. Additionally, some content layout works best by not being dynamic. For example, if you mix images in with your written text, it's a lot easier to setup an html page, then to try and create a format for use with a database and dynamic content. One last reason that you may not want to setup all your pages dynamically, is cost. We charge $75 for a standard html page. The cost of course for dynamic content is more when we have to have the dynamic page itself, a database table, an administrative "add" page an administrative "edit" page, an administrative "delete" page, and some kind of page to list all the dynamic pages.


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